October 29, 2020
9 months and 7 days left
until our reunion.
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Welcome to our class website.
In the early sixties we stretched our wings and set out, with hope, ambition, and boundless energy. Decades of work, further education, pitfalls and triumphs, joys and losses have made us who we are today. Those who knew us at the beginning can understand, be astonished, celebrate, share and encourage us as the journey continues.

These pages are gradually updated, so keep coming back to see how things progress. 

Please make your own additions and updates and post photos or memorabilia that may be of interest to your friends. 

In the top right corner of each page you will see symbols. Click there and you can share the page with your friends by email or facebook.

 Maintenance of this site is shared, so you will see entries from several administrators. We pay tribute to Jim Gallacher for his epic work creating these pages. We have retained much of Jim's work.

Update 28 November 2019
Geoff's photos are up. See them in the photo albums and add any that you can.
Also please look at your class photos and submit any extra names or corrections. There are a few errors and many omissions.

Update 1 November 2019

Well! It was great to see so many people at our 55th Anniversary Celebrations. So many that it was impossible to talk to everyone. 
For some, it was 57 or 58 years since we had seen old friends - quite delightful!
Everybody was surprised to find interesting people we had no recollection of.

Thankyou to Geoff Maunder for his constant photographic coverage.
Thanks to everyone for your enthusiastic participation.
Special mention to Suzanne, Dawn, and Carolyn, our great Class Supporters who couldn't be there.  So, we need to do it again!
Health issues prevented several people from attending. Prostate surgery, hip surgery, Chemotherapy, influenza, sciatica. We were thinking of you.
And we have numerous travellers. It is difficult to pass up the attractions of Europe, a Pacific Cruise, Moroccan Anniversaries or family events, but we will hope to see you next time.

So lock in the four days ending 1st November and watch the Events Page for more details of Port Macquarie 2020.

Let us know what you would like to do. Canvass your friends and try to suggest activities that would appeal.
The general preference is to sit and chat, but interesting things can happen when you are out and about. I was surprised to find a bunch of intrepid walkers for our Coffs Creek Walk, so I will be voting for the Port Macquarie Coastal Walk.

I'm excited already.
Best regards,

Donation to the School
Extract from a previous note from JimG.
Update 19-4-2015
Ann Jeffrey (nee Young – our first Lady) and I recently visited the school and made a donation of $1075-00, which you had donated as a goodwill gesture following our visit to CHHS last October. Principal Patty Kearns was most appreciative of the donation. It is being used to provide a new honour board for the Sport Awards (old one full) as well as 3 x $100 scholarships for needy students in Year 8 to attend a Class Camp in May.

 From 2014: 

I sincerely thank everyone for attending and for the manner in which you all became involved. I may have co-ordinated it, but you ALL made the weekend such an enjoyable and amazing experience.

I make special mention of Ian “Puff” McGrath (for his Bag pipe bracket) and Margaret and Colin Gill for the singing. Both brought the house down and left us all a bit “gob smacked”

Again thank you everyone!

The reunion is for everyone who was at CHHS in 1960 - 1st Year, 1961, 2nd - Year, 1962 - 3rd Year, 1963 - 4th Year and 1964 - 5th Year. If you were with us for any or all of these years/classes, you are more than welcome.
Our list of missing people has grown - please check the List of Classmates tab and help me find them!
We would love to see everyone there – but are realistic to accept that some people, for various reasons, will not be able to attend – that decisions is for each person to make.
There are some that we sadly realise have passed away and we have included these names on the Memorials Page.
To navigate the website, click on the Tabs to the left of this message and the page will change. We have already included some Memorabilia and invite everyone to create a “Profile” by following the suggestions on the two pages “How to use the webpage” and “Classmates Suggests”.
Whether you can come or not, please enter a profile – as it will be tremendous to read everyone’s story.
If you can assist with the location of anyone on the missing list within the “List of Classmates” tab, pass the details onto me, and I will chase them up. There are also some faces on class photos that we have not identified - if you can help, please click on the "Contact Us" tab and let us know.
Cheers and talk to you all again soon.
Jim Gallacher
CHHS - Our 50th Anniv.
CHHS - Our 50th Anniv. Click to enlarge
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