Suggestion for Classmates page
The following are what we are suggesting you include in the text on your Classmates Page. These are only suggestions and what you include is entirely up to you.
  1. A history of your family after school
Married to, when, where
Children Names and DOB
Grandchildren – Names – child of – DOB
  1. Things in life that have interested you
e.g.        Sports played, hobbies,
  1. Social Society Contributions
Member of Clubs – Rotary Lions, Sports Administration etc
  1. Support of family
Care of parents, children
Involvement in children’s sport
  1. Contact with class of 64
  1. Travel experiences
  1. Humorous adventures
  1. 15 Minutes of fame
  1. Include up to 10 photos at age 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 Approx plus current family group photo.
Please upload these photos via the “Photo Album” tab.
  1. Summary of working life in brief chronological order. Include one or two major achievements.