To print any page on the web site – right click in the middle of the screen and click on “Print”
Please read this before continuing.
The program is simple to use and can only be amended by an administrator or you. You will be able to edit what you put on your page by using the “Username” and “Password” that you set up. An email is sent to you confirming your “username” and “Password”.  Please record the details or retain this email for future use.
Before logging in Write your Story as suggested on the “Classmates Suggest” in a Word document and save this to “Your Documents”. You will be able to highlight the text in this file, copy and paste onto your “Classmates Profile” profile.
Also decide what “Now” and “Then” photo you wish to include and know where they are on your computer. You may find it difficult to find a “Then” photo, but just see what you can do. Let us know if you need a cropped image from an old class photo, Jim G did make some in 2014. Again, know where these photos are saved on your computer, to down load onto your Classmates profile.
Then, when you are ready, click on the “Classmates Profile” tab.
Click on “Add your profile”
Then enter all the details requested. This is where you set up your “username” and “Password”. Items with an * MUST be completed.
Copy your Story and paste into the “Your Comments” section.  (Right click and “Paste” appears in the box. Click on Paste and your profile will appear in the box.
To enter your Photos chosen for “Then” and “Now” click on the “Browse” button and find the file with your photo and double click on the file name – this link should now appear in the box to the left of “Browse”. Repeat this for each photo.
When satisfied that you are finished – click on “Submit”.
You will be sent an email saying you have registered. 
A moderator will peruse and accept the file so it becomes visible to everyone on the Web Page. This will prevent other people putting inappropriate information or photos on the page.
If you are having any difficulties please click on the “Contact Us” tab and fill in and we will get back to you ASAP.
Your personal details are not available on the web - refer existing profiles - however you can send a personal message to each person who has a profile. 
We have all had quite different and interesting experiences. Please share your stories, you are unique.
You can also upload other photos into the “Photos Albums” tab. Just identify where the photos are on your computer, click on the “photos” tab and click on “Upload your Photo” – double click on the file, enter a caption and your details and then submit.
All photos need to be approved before being displayed.
We will create an album for each person, and include your photos in this album. We have room for 50 albums before the need to possibly combine two names. 
Cheers – and hope to hear from all of you soon.