2019:  Organisation is very widespread at present so "meetings" are somewhat limited.  How good is this digital age though??  With Rob McPherson as the nucleus of the operation there are messages flying through cyberspace putting all sorts of little bits of information together. The lack of a formal, sit down meeting will not daunt The Class of "64" and a great 2019 Reunion is being planned.
SR 20/3/19.

I was amazed at how many people came along and thank them immensely for rewarding all of us with their presence. Please refer to the Photo Album for Meetings to see who was there and how we look now!
In attendance were Colin and Margaret Gill, Larry Griffin, Peter Donnan and Graham, Anne Jeffery, Wendy and Allan McLennan, Geoff and Leonie Maunder, Robert Griffin, Karl and Djuka McPhee, Denise Lewis, Jim and Judy Gallacher.
After a lot of table talk and a meal, we convened to a quieter area of the club and discussed where we will take this venture.
It was agreed that the Reunion would proceed, with a final date to be set in October 2014.
Date set is October 18-19, 2014 – with possible events up to two days before/after this weekend.
The importance of tracking down everyone emphasised and was also agreed that we broaden the scope to include anyone who attend school in our year from 1960 to 1964. It is everyone’s role to assist to achieve this.
The following committee elected (unopposed?).
Chairman:       Jim Gallacher
Secretary:        To be appointed at each meeting
Treasurer:       Greg Hardy – Jim discussed with him prior to departing overseas on holidays.
Promo Team:  Doug Turner, Cris Turner, Peter Donnan, Wendy Hillard and Larry Griffin
Event Team:    Karl McPhee, Bev Wood, Colin and Margaret Gill, Annie Jeffery and    Denise Lewis.
The roles of these two teams are broadly:
                        Promo Team – Find everyone, sell tickets, photo and Bio collection, Invited guests, and In Memorials
                        Event Team – What/When/Where to hold. Displays/Decorations, Festivities, Slideshow/DVD, Program Booklets, Photographer/Video, Memory Books/DVD/Memorabilia, Informal events.
The sensitivity of how to handle In Memorials was discussed and the importance of being able to verify information stressed.
It was clear from discussion that most are having difficulty doing the Web Page. Jim stressed that he can give support if you wish to contact him via the “Contact Us” tab.
Or – if you wish, type up or write out you Bio and send to Jim with some photos and he will place the info on the web page.
The Bio – the amount of information you put in your Bio is entirely up to you. What we have place on the Web Page are suggestions only!
Jim also requested photos of all classes as follows:
                        1960 – 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F, 1G
                        1961 – 2A, 2C, 2D, 2F, 2G
                        1962 - 3A, 3C, 3E, 3F, 3G
                        1963 – 4A, 4C
Classes with line through have now been received eg 4A
Next meeting set for:
                        Jan 11th 2014   - 2pm
                        Peter Donnan residence
                        15 Royal Palm Dr
                        SAWTELL, NSW.
Jim Gallacher
Meeting Minutes
Jan 11, 2014
Present:               Peter Donnan, Colin & Margaret Gill, Dawn Bullock (nee Eckford), Denise Lewis, Robin Biddolph (ne King), Ann Jeffrey, Greg Hardy, Bev Wood & Jim Gallacher.
 Apologies:         Karl McPhee, Doug & Cris Turner, Larry Griffin, Wendy McLennan.
1              Jim welcomed everyone and stressed the need for everyone to pitch in and help find those missing. Kay Wheatley was located yesterday, back living in Coffs – so please put the thinking caps on.
He also requested everyone to get their profiles onto the web site.
2              Events.
The following was suggested and agreed upon:
                Bare Foot bowls day – Thursday or Friday
                Harbour Walk and visit to school – Thursday or Friday
                Main Event – Dinner Saturday 18th October – Coffs Surf Club or Coffs Race Club
                                                (Quote to be obtained from each)
                                                Commence 4pm for drinks, snacks
                                                Dinner 6-30pm
                Recovery Brunch              Sunday 19th Bongil Bongil NP Picnic Area – Williams Rd, Bonville
3.            The Chase
                Much discussion took place on people who are missing with everyone leaving with the task of tracking more people down.
4.            Finance
                It was agreed that Greg Hardy would look into opening a bank account.  The cost per head will be calculated when quotes are received for the running of the main event.
5.            Special Guests
                It is unlikely that any of our teacher would be able to attend, but any suggestions of suitable special guests are sought.
6.            Next meeting set for June 28th – full details will be advised before then.
Sorry everyone – I forgot to take my camera, so no photos!
Meeting Minutes
June 28, 2014
Present:               Peter Donnan, Colin Gill, Dawn Bullock (nee Eckford), Robin Biddolph (nee King), Ann Jeffrey (Nee Young), Greg Hardy, Larry Griffin, Karl McPhee, Geoff Maunder, Robert Griffin & Judy & Jim Gallacher.
 Apologies:         Doug & Cris Turner, Wendy McLennan. Denise Lewis (Nee Gawne), Peter Allison, John Samio, Bev Ovens and Frank Turton
1              Jim welcomed everyone and gave brief outline of pleasant meeting in Canberra (Lyn Amos and Ken Batterham) and in Brisbane (Merita Quin, Greg Ferris and Ian Shepherd) – was great to catch up with them all.
2              Events.
Discussion took place on the planned Bowls Day. We could only obtain a venue at 5-50 pm at a cost of $6-50 per head. Not practical.
The possibility of a wine tasting discussed, but though to be not possible at a licensed club, particularly on a Friday afternoon.
After discussion it was decided to arrange a casual get-together at the Fishing Club overlooking Boambee Beach. This to commence at about 3pm and could lead into a meal as people wish.
The Recovery Brunch on Sunday is to be a BYO everything affair. The venue at Bongil Bongil was inspected by Jim & Judy (as I had no idea where or what it was!) and it is excellent!
3.            The Chase
                Much discussion took place on people who are missing and everyone is encouyrage to continue with the search.
4.            Dinner
                a.            Set up
The venue will be available from 10am to set up as we wish. There will be display boards available for putting up photos and other memorabilia. Colin Gill volunteered to prepare a Power Point presentation to show during the event.
The school has a mat (6ft x 4ft) at the front door which says Welcome to – and then the school logo. Enquiries are to be made as to borrowing this for the event.
                b.            Grace
                Ken Batterham to be approach to say grace at the commencement of Dinner   
                c.             Speeches
School captains to be invited to say a few words. Discussion took place on whether other people would be invited to speak. A Roll Call will be made when everyone arrives, to identify attendees for all present.
                                It was decided that no Special Guests would be invited.
            d.            Dress Code
                                Smart Casual attire is to be worn.
e.            Music/Dance Floor
                Background music will be supplied by the venue with 60’s Music to be requested. No need for a dance floor.
f.             Courtesy Bus
                This was discussed, but the limitation and liability imposed on us arranging one not considered viable. Taxis and Maxi taxis seen as an alternative for individuals/groups to arrange.
                g.            Name tags         
                                Jim is to arrange for name tags and lanyards.
h.            Master of Ceremony
                After no discussion Jim was appointed as MC – no questions or refusal permitted.
  1. Meals.
The dinner is expected to commence at 6-30pm after finger food is served from4-00pm. Any special dietary requirements to be advised when booking (eg vegetarians)
                j.             Booklet
It was agreed to prepare a book to present to everyone. The book is to be completed after the event and to include photos and summary of the Reunion and to be posted to everyone as soon as practical after the event. It is therefore important for all to place their profile on the web site so the book can be prepared.
                k.            Door Prize
                                Suggested that a door prize be made – prize and process to be considered.
5.            Finance
                Jim outlined the expenses incurred and expected.
                It was recommended that the cost would be $65 for students and $35 per partner. An email requesting confirmation of attendance and advising how payment can be made is to be sent out in the next two weeks. The options for payment to include Bank transfer, payment at a branch or payment by cheque.
6.            Next meeting set for Sept 13th – full details will be advised before then.