Fifth Year Vale 1964
(Extract from “The Beacon” – 1964)
Barry Barnett:       Does his little share in making this year’s 5th one of the best – Prefect ’64.
Kenneth Batterham:      “Mac” would still like to be an athlete.
Wayne Buckman:  Quiet type. Says little, thinks a lot. Prefect ’64.
Bob Cowin:         Would be member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Likes Grafton visits and football.
Greg Ferris:        Prefect ’63. ’64. His two loves cricket and school work.
Warren Fuller:   So quiet we don’t know him.
Jim Gallacher:    Keeps it all to himself.
Gerrit Gerlach:  Prefect ’64. Basketball. Projects a fatherly image to girls of lower years.
Colin Gill:             Never worries – always a gay time. Basketballer.
Ron Gray:          Tough prefect. Now a hazardous driver.  Prefect ’64.
Bernard Griffin:                 Delicacy personified.
Brett Griffin:      “Little Griff, our Don Juan”.
Larry Griffin:       Tall, lean and hungry.  Prefect ’64.
Robert Griffin:   “Robbie”.  The “delicate” lad of fifth year.  Prefect ’64.
Don Hammon:   Hasn’t got what he used to have.  Prefect ’63, ’64.
Greg Hardy:        Another quiet one – there were too many this year.
Jeff Herdegen:  “Little Jeff” – likes English periods.
Jim Holmes:        A frustrated “Dux”, but brainy with it.
Phillip Ireland:   “Dip”, Capt. Basketball.  Nice bloke.  Prefect ’64.
Tom Keevers:    Hopes for a bull’s eye in this year’s Leaving.
Peter Macdonald:   Beatles and beer.  The sly bombshell.  Prefect ’64 and athletics.
Ian McGrath:     “Puff”.  Ambition – an “A” in Physics and Chemistry.
Karl McPhee:     Prefect ’64, C.U.O., Athletics.  A genius for chasing red herrings.
Robert McPherson:        Another quiet one.
Ian Mahood:      The Rover.
Daniel Martinez:  The dashing young newcomer.  Basketball.
Geoff Maunder:                 Mr. Horsepower himself.
Peter Moller:     An incredible conversationalist.  Hurrah for the footy time.  Prefect ’64.
John Muldoon: Our rugged Queen Scout.
David Navin:       The “Grand Old Man” of Fifth Year.
Dick O’Toole:     Quiet, but dangerous, especially in English periods.  C.U.O.
Peter Reeves:   Practises relaxation at golf and everything else.  Hopes for a hole in one in the L.C. Footballer.
John Rose:          A trier – for the Leaving twice, for the football team, a lot.  Prefect ’64.
John Samio:        Academically minded.  Ambition – to run an S.P. office.  Prefect ’64.
Ian Shepherd:   “Custard”.  Sticks to the straight and narrow.  Prefect ’64.
Robert Sinclair:  Pretty quiet.  Plays 8st 7lbs football.
Wayne Smith:      The pianist.  Prefect’64.
Keith Smith:       One of the Esperantist clutch.
Gilbert Stokes:  Quiet type.
Doug Sykes:       Athlete and tenor of some note.
Doug Turner:     The leader in most things good.  School captain, football, athletics.
Beverley Amos:                  Prefect ’64.  Surf, sun, sand and Small.
Lynette Amos:    Sturdy softball player.
Lyndall Ashdown:   Prefect ’64.  Felis (fearless) Leo.
Lynette Brown:   Has anyone seen her?  Plus-ultra quiet.
Kathy Campbell:  5th year’s fiery femlin.  Prefect ’64.
Myrell Christian:  Half left all year.  Basketball “A”.  Softball “B”.
Lorraine Crabtree:  Head of copper, heart of gold.  Prefect ’64.  Hocky “A”.
Leone Davis:      Lady driver – beware.  Putt – putt – crunch.
Dawn Eckford:   Hurrah for St. George.  Prefect ’64.
Yvonne Eeley:   “Wyvie”.  “Wow” that temper.  Popular type.
Denise Gawne: “Gawny”.  Gawn over males.
Beth Hunter:      Occupation is metalwork – dealing with (O’) Tools.
Beryl Moller:      Little (?) sister of another 5th year student.
Beverley Noyce:  “Oyster”.  Flick go the shears.  Prefect ’64, Basketball.
Beverley O’Neil:                Saintly History student.  Prefect ’64.
Beverley Ovens:                 That’s always the burning question – what’s cooking?  Prefect ’63, ’64.
Pat Pearce:         Give us those dear hearts and gentle people.  Prefect ’64.
Merita Quin:      “Gail”.  Automation has nothing on this girl.  Our electronic brain.  Vice-captain ’64.
Jan Ross:              Softball, Basketball “A”, Athletics, Prefect ’64.  An “A” in Economics?
Lucy Rovere:      Goes for the Continental types.  Sofball, Hockey, Athletics, Prefect ’64.
Anita Spagnola:   Interests in Wollongong.
Judy Stoker:       Quiet Woolgoolga resident.
Esther Trustum:                   Watch the quiet type.
Joy Wear:            Fashion plate and Bikini girl.  Prefect ’64.
Kay Wheatley:   Likes cracker night – especially the “sparks.”  Prefect ’64.
Christine Wheaton:    “Cookie”, our tall, willowy blonde – likes sailors and the sea.  Prefect “63, ’64,Softball, Swimming, Basketball.
Bronwyn Williams:   “Bonny”.  Petite and proper.  Prefect ’64.
Ann Young:   “Liz”.  5th Year’s “First Lady”.  Prefect ’63.  School captain ’64.  Swimming, Basketball.
We come from afar to the school on the hill,
Our hearts full of eager unrest,
With hopes that are high and with resolute will
To follow the highest and best.
So here’s a grip of comradeship
To all who belong to our fellowship.
Though some see the light on the far hills of Fame
And steadfastly follow the gleam,
The rest are content just to join in the game
And play for the sake of the team
But mindful all whate’er befall
To honour the school as the dearest of all.
When the ground is as hard as a concreted yard,
And the enemy back’s breaking through,
When the ninth wicket’s down and your heart’s thumping hard
And the fate of the game rests on you
Stand firm and bold!  Don’t lose your hold,
But fight for the fame of the navy and gold.
When at tennis you play on a boiling hot day,
Or you swim for the of school,
Or you pay for your sins with a crack on the shins
In winter when hockey’s the rule
Keep smiling still, play with a will,
Be faithful and true to the school on the hill.
And when the dark thunders of Life round you roar,
And tempests beat down on you head,
Just fight as of yore, thought you’re battered and sore,
You’ll find that the terrors have fled.
Old students all, backs to the wall,
Fight as ye fought for the best school of all.
Boomalacka, Boomalacka!  Bow!  Bow!  Bow!
Chingalacka, Chingalacka!  Chow!  Chow!  Chow!
Boomalacka, Chingalacka!  Who are we?
C.H.H.S.  Can’t you see?
Iti  whoppygai, taranacka poppygai,
Coff’s High!  Coff’s High!
Yah!  Yah!  Yah!