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Ann Young (Jeffery)
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Retired Divorced 2
      It is hard to believe that 50 years is looming since we sat the Leaving.  Looking back I wonder where all the faces and personalities have ventured over these years so it will be really interesting to hear even the smallest snippets of news.  Will be even better if we can catch up in the flesh (not a pretty sight but you know what I mean.)
      After school I went to Sydney and became a computer clerk mainly in sales and statistics with a tobacco company.  Returned to Coffs 2 years later and joined the Bank of N.S.W., married Max Jeffery in January 1968 and had 2 sons, Brad born March '69 and Todd born August '70.  When Todd was 4 I returned to work at Orara High School as Admin Staff.  Max and I separated after 10 years.
      I retired at 60 after 32 years at Orara, but had taken extensive leave & travelled to Europe, Britain, Canada, U.S. and South America during that time.  Also had 1 year living in Cairns & 14 months in N.T. on the Kakadu border.
      Since retirement it's been all OZ tripping, Kimberley, Tassie etc, and the annual pilgrimage to Cairns where Todd lives and works as an Aircraft Engineer.  Brad and his wife Sarah live here, he is a plasterer and Sarah works with youth with disabilities.  No grandchildren, just granddogs and a grandcat.
      I now go bushwalking and cycling and have plenty of time for my Mum who is still kicking and in her own home.
      Really looking forward to hearing news of anyone, hope and trust you are all in a good place in life.
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Bernard Griffin
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Retired Married
     Brett and Bernard Griffin.

On leaving Coffs Harbour we both ended up on BHP traineeships. Brett as a chemical engineer and myself as a geologist on a p/t basis at the University of Newcastle.
Brett left after a year and continued attending Sydney University as an aeronautical engineer.  On graduating he worked at the Commonwealth Aircraft Factory in Melbourne for a year or two and then went to Hong Kong as a maintenance engineer with   Cathay Pacific.

Brett met his wife while in HK and married there.  Two children were born.  Following a number of moves the family ended moving permanently to live in Perth.
In 1995 Brett died as a result of complications with both his liver and kidney and is buried in Perth cemetery.

Brett’s wife Nancy still resides in Perth while his daughter, her husband and daughter now live in Perth after a period of time working in Mongolia and in Chengdu China. Chelsea, Brett’s granddaughter is quite fluent in both Mongolian and Mandarin. Brett’s son has recently married a Chinese lass and lives in Beijing designing computer “games” for us to idle away our time.

I left BHP and after a year at UNE left to take on teaching at Maitland and then Newcastle, finishing a degree in Chemistry.  With some friends I completed a Dip. Ed. externally through UNE and a Masters degree at Newcastle.

Having been a teacher, for 21years, I left and spent 11 years as a union organiser with the IEU. I retired from this position early in 2001, following a disagreement.
My wife and I have been living in the City of Lake Macquarie since 1972 and have a number of nieces and nephews.

We owned a property near Nundle and before it was sold we were able to convert over 60% of it into a 360 hectare conservation area.  I pride myself that I have been able to assist Australian Bush Heritage in buying some large tracts of Australia to return then into reserves and protect some of our bushland heritage.
Bernard Griffin  June 2014
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Beth Hunter (Ellis)
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Retired Divorced 4
Sadly, after a long illness, Beth has passed away since our 2014 Reunion and we cherish the memories that remain, through her story: "I was born at the Sunnyside Hospital in Coffs Harbour, and was raised on the family farm at Dairyville, that has been in the family since 1898. It is currently run by my brother.

I travelled to school on the Upper Orara bus to High School.

On completing the Leaving Certificate I began General Nurse training at Grafton Base Hospital 1965-1971. Married in 1968 and divorced in 2000.

Have family and friends, 4 children, but sadly lost the eldest to suicide in 1989 and have 8 grandchildren.

I worked at Grafton Nursing Home 1980 -2009 as a registered nurse. My interests are gardening, heritage roses are my passion as are all kinds of needlework, reading, family history and painting.

I have travelled in Australia and also been overseas as far as Norfolk Island and New Zealand. I am looking forward to doing more as finances and health permit.
Bev Amos (Small)
Retired Married 2
Fifty years!

I was going with Bill Small in 64, married him in 66 and we are still happily married. We had our children early so I was a stay at home mum until they went to high school. For this period we were back in Coffs where I built fishing rods from home.

When the kids left home, so did we. We spent 2 years volunteering at a school on a tiny island in Tuvalu - a life changing experience.

We returned to Australia and Bill taught in the remote schools in the Cape and Gulf of North Queensland for quite a while (Normanton & Bamaga), on to Charleville School of the Air, Townsville then built our retirment home in Lucinda where Bill went into semi retirement until 2005. Quite a good innings for a teacher!

I had worked in the Queensland schools as, well, everything really. Administration, teacher resource production, librarian, classroom assistant etc.

Over the years we have travelled extensively in Australia. We love the outdoors - camping, bushwalking, canoeing. We have also travelled quite a lot overseas, basically focusing on South East Asia which we love.

Our daughter lives in Sydney and our son in Thailand which is where we will be at the time of the reunion. Sorry we won't be able to make it but I am looking forward to catching up via the website.

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Bev Oven (Wood)
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Retired Widowed
Bev Wood – Ovens

Well...... I am not good at putting pen to paper but here goes.
On leaving CHHS, my friends and family, I enrolled at East Sydney TAFE College to do a Home Science Certificate course, which was for a duration of 3 years. At the same time I was attending Sydney Teachers College undertaking a Teacher Training Certificate.
Needless to say, yes you guessed it. I became a Home Science Teacher. I have to tell you not the “Twinset and pearls” type! I taught at Bankstown Girls High, Rockhampton Girls Grammar, Bellingen High and Queanbeyan High Schools.
I was looking for a change so transferred to TAFE Teaching in Home Science Unit (Naturally).
I was teaching adults. This was a totally different concept, and a challenge, which as an adult you would understand me saying this.
I taught at Canberra TAFE, and Lismore TAFE. At Lismore I met the light of my life – Bill Wood. He was my boss and the Director of the North Coast Region of TAFE. Everyone admire and respected Bill, including me. We married. I could not decide where to from here? Needless to say we had no children.
We moved a few times – our last posting was Coffs Harbour.
Can you believe it; I was born here and will probably end my life here.
We were both community minded and worked hard to help others. I had the time of my life with Bill.
I am still doing community work and trying to keep fit and healthy.
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Carolyn Tinkler (Johnston)
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Retired Married 3
Hi, I am Carolyn (Tinkler) Johnston, known as Tink, or Carol.
I Left Coffs High in 1962, completed a secretarial course at Tech. 1963.
I went on to do 3 years as a Trainee at Taree MRD Hospital.
I married Peter Johnston in 1966. He was a Multitasking Dairy Farmer – later Bus Driver and Water Diviner. We went on to have 3 sons, Michael, Brian and Tony. We have 7 grandchildren.
After leaving the dairy farm in 1967, we have had many ventures – we worked as seasonal workers.
After settling in Coffs Harbour in 1969 I have:-
                - Been a mum with Playgroups, School, Sunday Schools and Scouts.
                - Worked in a Nursing Home
                - Some office work
                - Owned and ran a take away food shop – ‘Johnos’ – for 6 years.
After the boys moved on with their lives in 1994 we did more travelling and worked seasonal areas with fruit picking, dairy farm work and cannery work. We managed the Coffs Harbour Showground Caravan Park for 2 years. During this time my brother Greg passed away due to cancer.
We travelled to England in 1993 to meet my mother ((Isabella (Gregory) Tinkler – war bride)) family, in Seahouses, Northumberland, followed by a tour of Europe. Were able to go back and revisit the English relations in 1998, taking our son Brian, his wife and 2 ½ year old son with us.
Since coming back and settling in Coffs again in 2000, I worked for 12 years as a Care Worker with Home Care till I retired in 2012.
Over the years we have been involved in Playgroups, the Show Society, Scouts, the Uniting Church. now with a card and gift centre, and loved being part of Coffs Harbour.
Life has never been busier. We travel with the caravan and are planning a cruise.
Looking forward to the reunion in October, 2014.
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Colin Gill
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Retired Married
It is amazing how time gets away, as you climb the hill to middle age, a day seems to take a week, a week a month, a month a year, and a year seemed to take forever. From then on its a down hill slippery slide.
I married my wife, Margaret at St Matthew's Church, Bondi in 1996 neither of us having been married before. We have no children but have six horses and two dogs named 'Ned Nuisance Gill' and 'Hector Muttley MacDonald'.
After leaving school I moved to Sydney working in different jobs until August 1965 when I joined the NSW Police Force where I remained until 1976. I was a member of the Police Choir, received the Peter Mitchell Award for most outstanding cultural achievement and the Royal Humane Society Award for bravery. I resigned after being awarded a scholarship at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music to complete a Diploma  in Opera and Music Theatre. In 1977 I was a finalist in the 'Sun Aria'.
I continued to play basketball with Balmain Leagues Club and States Club where a player measuring 6ft 6" was considered short.
In 1980 after completing my Diploma I travelled to the United Kingdom to continue my vocal studies with Gordon Clinton at the Royal College of Music, London. As my grandfather was English I had patriarchal status which enabled me to stay and work in the UK. I worked in the Australian High Commission and also performed in various venues around England.
I returned to Australia in 1984 working in different jobs until I gained employment at the Egg Board where I remained until 1986. During that time I became interested in computers and enrolled in various relevant TAFE courses. Needing a position where I could use my knowledge I applied for a position with the NSW Police in their IT support and network area.
Travelling around the State upgrading Police stations for access to the network I often said to people that my experience in computers goes back floppy disks i.e., before desktops came with hard drives. I remained with the Police until 2008 when I retired to move back to Coffs Harbour to help my mother with the farm following my father's death. This was a difficult time as Margaret remained working in Sydney while we searched for a suitable home in Coffs Harbour and our house in Eastwood was sold.
I have performed in opera, operetta, musical comedy, musical hall, concerts and clubs. Since moving back to Coffs Harbour Margaret and I have performed at various Masonic, View/Probus Clubs and birthday functions.
I have been a member of the Masonic Lodge since 1964 and in 1986 was a foundation member of the Masonic Ensemble. I also acted as Grand Director of Music, NSW for 5 years.
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Daniel Martinez
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CEO Married 5
*             Currently CEO Basketball New South Wales
*             Previously 20+ years in Investment Banking (Including World Bank, Australia Bank, etc), ran Corporate Finance, Mergers and Treasury desk.
*             Completed 4 yrs Medicine at Uni of Sudney but switched to Commerce/Economics.
*             Attained BA (Economics); BA (Accounting), MBA
*             Previous marriage:         2 children
*             Current marriage:            3 children
*             Still playing competition basketball
*             Drummer in Rock Band – Crime Scene
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Daphne Jupp (Gentle)
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Retired Widowed 2
After leaving school I worked at Peters Creameries at Coramba, until I married Reg Gentle, also a Coffs High student, in 1968. We have identical twin boys, David and Michael, who both live locally. Dave is a plumber and Mick a banana grower.

Reg worked in plumbing and I was a stay at home mum for a few years. As well as taking care of the house and gardens, I then took on part time cleaning. This enabled us to spend our weekends indulging in our favourite pastime of Scuba diving and underwater photography.

From 2000 - 2003 we worked and travelled the road, living in a caravan. While in Cairns, Reggie suffered a stroke which forced us back home. He passed away in 2008.

I have five grandchildren and two great grandchildren. My hobbies and interests include yoga, natural Heath, cycling and walking and I have recently invested in a kayak. I love spending time with friends and family and on a long winters night I enjoy the odd jigsaw.
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Dawn Eckford (Bullock)
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Retired Married 1
After leaving school in 1964 I began my General Nursing Training at Grafton Base Hospital. Following this I did my Midwifery Training at St. Margaret's, Sydney. I then nursed in different locations namely, Coff's, Sutherland, Canberra,Tamworth, Young and the Gold Coast.

In 1978 I married David who was then a Linesman for Telecom. Our son, Matthew was born in 1985.  We lived at Currumbin until 1994 when we moved to Dunoon(near Lismore) and became coffee growers for almost seven and a half years. I wanted to move back to Coff's and this took place in April 2002. 

From Oct. 2002 until Sept. 2012 I worked as a  Support Worker with Community Care Options.  I found this  very satisfying but decided to retire at age 64 plus 6 months.

My retirement days are spent volunteering in Anglican OP. Shop (Sawtell) as well helping with Mainly Music  at St. Nic's Church(Sawtell). This is a program for  parents and young children. I am also involved with other activities associated with St. Nic's.

Early this year, David and I travelled to Perth and were there when our Granddaughter was born. We were away for 4 months  and saw some interesting country as we travelled the long distance back. One of the most interesting places we visited is Cape Leveque (Buccaneer Archipelago) -  W.A.

I enjoy reading, doing cryptic xwords , playing Scrabble and seeing the Dragons  win Rugby League games. Whilst I DO enjoy travelling I am happy to stay at home for the time being although I guess we will be  going backwards and forwards to Perth now that we have a Grandchild. 

I am looking forward to the reunion. See you in October!

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