In the interest of those crying into their wine because they are unable to attend the 2019 Reunion, we are floating the idea of another get-together next year -2020.
Possible dates to consider: Thursday 13th – Sunday 16th August 2020
                             Thursday 29th October – Sunday 1st November 2020
To make it a little more enticing for those who will have travelled to Coffs in October 2019, it was thought that maybe a different location would appeal.  I feel that Port Macquarie could be “the place” and have put together some thoughts and information. None of this is set in concrete and is purely hypothetical at this stage.
  1. Accommodation: it would be lovely if we could all stay at the same motel / resort /park. Ideally, it would be somewhere that has a community area – be it a large room or covered b-b-q area. This enables casual gatherings for brunch / morning tea / afternoon drinks  etc.   Unfortunately, Port Macquarie is full of huge apartment style accommodation and community areas are not the “in” thing.
My choices would be a combination of: a) El Paso Motor Inn and,  b) NRMA Port Macquarie Breakwall Holiday Park.  These 2 facilities are reasonably close and both in the town centre. This allows an option for those who like to caravan and those who prefer to motel.  It would be up to the individual parties to book their own accommodation.
  1. Group Excursions:
   Senior & Retirees Big Day Out Cruise $45  (River Cruise)
  • 3 hour cruise around Port Macquarie 
  • Hot & Cold Buffet + Dessert
  • Bingo, trivia and celebrity heads
  • Licenced bar on board
  • Pick up and drop off from Town Wharf (end of Clarence Street)
  • Departs at 11am and returns around 2pm
  • Individuals and groups are most welcome but bookings are essential!
  Sunset River Cruise $25  -  2 hour cruise includes afternoon tea.
Dinner Friday or Saturday night at Port City Bowling Club – walking distance from accommodation mentioned.
  1. Things to Do:
Breakwall Walking Path -  short – about an hour.
         Coastal Walking Path  -  much longer (9 kms) but can be broken up into  stages.
         Something a little different - Camels on The Beach (this is out of the town area – would need transport) You may not want to take a camel ride (but why not?) however, the camel owner is willing to provide an informal but informative “chat” on the beach, with his camels.  Apparently, he is very entertaining with a myriad of funny stories to impart.
There are lots of other things to do in Port Macquarie but not all things appeal to all people so it would be up to the individual to work out their own itinerary.
Have a think about it.  The idea will be discussed at some stage during the 2019 Reunion and any ideas will be gratefully received.  Having reconnected with people after many years, I think it is nice to keep in touch.  Most of us are retired and like to have a few days away at least a couple of times throughout the year – why not make one of those breaks a get together with some old (take that whichever way you want) school friends.  Bring along your husband / wife / partner  -  if you are lucky enough to have one - they may find some new friends with common interests too.
Sue (Whitney) Robb

Class Muster
When: 17 to 20 October 2019
Where: Coffs

Contact: Percy McPherson
Please arrange to meet your friends for small excursions or coffee in addition to the events scheduled below:

Thursday 17 Oct  Park Beach  5pm. Barefoot Bowls  $10  for tuition,   followed by Bistro Meal at 6pm.

Friday 18 Oct  Urunga.  12 Noon.  Lunch at Ocean View Hotel  plus Sit, Chat or Do The Boardwalk.

Friday  18 Oct  Sawtell RSL   7.30pm onwards  After-Dinner with Friends from anywhere.

Saturday  19 Oct  10 am  Creek Walk   From Pool to Pool  Starting Memorial Pool  Coff St.

Saturday  19 Oct  Shearwater Restaurant  55th Anniversary Dinner  Mix and Mingle. 4.30pm to 11pm.

Sunday  20 Oct  Bongil Bongil National Park  Slow Sunday Lunch 11 am to 3pm  totally BYO.

Barefoot Bowls
Roll back the years
Roll back the years

When: Thursday 18th October at 5pm
Where: Park Beach Bowling Club
60 Ocean Pde
Coffs Harbour, NSW

Contact: Percy McPherson
0425 713 727
You need to register for this event. The club will provide tuition.
Geoff Maunder is our organiser. Bowls fee $10 for one hour.
Bistro meal afterwards from 6pm. 
It is not really barefoot, you need to wear socks.
Come and show us your skill or give us a laugh.
This should be lots of fun whether you are a player or a spectator!
Lunch at Urunga
Reflect On This
Reflect On This

When: Friday 18th October at 12 Noon
Where: Ocean View Hotel Urunga

Ocean View Hotel Lunch is at 12 noon. We have booked the Outdoor Marquee.
Order at the bar and pay individually.
This will be an excellent opportunity to see the wetlands from the boardwalk.
A huge remediation project is being monitored for the restoration of environmental damage caused by Antimony tailings dumped in the 1970s. See the link below:
Thanks to Geoff Maunder for this information and his stunning photograph above.

Also at Urunga   The local museum is open from 10am to 1pm on weekdays.
Sawtell After-Dinner Sortie
When: Friday 18th October at 7.30 pm onwards.
Where: Sawtell RSL

This event is presented as an opportunity for members with local connections to chat with characters from your past in the 1950's and 1960's. Friends and acquaintances from other year levels are most welcome. And, of course, all class of 64 are invited to connect with friends from anywhere.
A very casual gathering for after-dinner drinks, coffee or whatever. 
2019 Coffs Creek Walk
Among the Mangroves
Among the Mangroves

When: 19 October 2014 at 10 am
Where: Start from War Memorial Olympic Pool
Coff Street
Coffs Harbour, NSW

Contact: Percy McPherson
0425 713 727
This Creek Walk is a slow-paced nostalgic gathering/walk.
Bring your camera. You will be surprised.
Turn around after 30 or 40 minutes, at the old cemetery.
Or seasoned walkers will make it to the Butter Factory Pool.
If you are still needing more exercise and nature study, the Botanical Gardens, next to the cemetery will fill the bill admirably.
As you walk pick up some tips on Bowls or Birdwatching and decide on a lunch or coffee venue.
If you need a bus to return to town from the Butter Factory. There is a nearby Bus Stop in Harbour Drive. Buses will be running hourly at about a quarter past the hour.
Keep your eye out for sculptures along the track. There are also several tree stumps which bear the scars of stone axes and ancient footholds.
Anybody who rides a bike should spend a couple of hours doing the full loop - from town to Park Beach, then all the way to Muttonbird Island. Return via the path on the other side of the creek. It is very safe, scenic and close to nature.
Meet at the car park for the Memorial Pool in Coff Street, 9.45 for 10am.

55th Anniversary Dinner
When: 19th October 2019 at 4-30pm to 11-00pm
Where: Shearwater Restaurant
321 Harbour Drive
Coffs Harbour Australia

Contact: Percy McPherson
0425 713 727
You must register. Make sure your details are correct on the "Coming" list or contact Percy.

2 courses $55
3 courses $65

We will pay separately. The restaurant is very accommodating about that. You can run a tab and pay as you leave or pay for drinks at the bar.
We expect to gather about 4.30, place our meal orders by 5pm. All meals will be served together by 6pm.
The main objective is to mingle and chat. About a quarter of those attending have not been to previous reunions, so there is a lot to catch up on.
At this stage, Peter Russell has the prize for travelling furthest - from Perth.
Slow Sunday Lunch

When: 20 October 2019 at 11-00 am to 3-00pm
Where: Bongil Bongil NP Picnic Area
Williams Road
BONVILLE Australia

Contact: Percy
0425 713 727
This is a ditto repeato of our Fiftieth Recovery  Brunch.  BYO everything - just a chance to relax, recover and rewind the years once again!

 Cycling and canoeing are possible at this location, if you are keen.

Getting there: South of Coffs Harbour:

  • Take the Bonville exit from the Pacific Highway onto Pine Creek Way
  • Turn into Williams Road north of Bonville
  • Bongil picnic area is at the end of Williams Road

Road access: Sealed road - 2WD vehicles.

Facilities: non-flush toilets, carpark, gas/electric barbecues, picnic tables, lookout, trackhead/access point