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Jeff Evans
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Retired Married 2
I left Coffs at the end of ’63, mainly due to lack of application and much to the disappointment of Jim O’Ryan, who wanted me to be an English/History teacher. I did do my Leaving later and did a lot of teaching, just in very different subjects.
As things were in those days, I had a short interview at the ANZ bank in Coffs with an immediate start, albeit in Sydney. Surfing at Bondi, Beach Boys and Beatles concerts at the old tin shed in Rushcutters Bay and the excitement of city life were great, but I wasn’t cut out for a banking career.

I joined the Navy at the same time that the more diligent among you were doing your exams. I served on most types of vessel in the R.A.N as well as a number of shore establishments, but particularly enjoyed my time on Patrol Boats in Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Islands, the Northern Territory and north Western Australia, as well as postings to Darwin both before and after the cyclone.   Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok etc, before development, were totally different places than they are today and it was depressing to return. Playing rugby against the Brits and the Kiwis, bartering in Change Alley, dawn at sea, Darwin before traffic lights and the northwest of WA  when it was very isolated are great memories. Sea time is great as a single man, but not so good for a married man with children. I met my lovely wife Susan in Melbourne and we were married in ‘74. Both Lisa and Nicole were born in Darwin and my subsequent transfer to Canberra would have been my last shore posting for some time.

I spent twenty two years in the R.A.N., firstly in communications electronics and then as a Naval Police investigator. This career change was driven by both a desire for new challenges and having a wife and two young daughters.  

After transfer I worked for several years in Sydney, mainly undertaking fraud, theft and drug investigations. I completed a number of courses and worked with, State police forensics, ballistics and robbery squads. During this time I managed to pick up a Peter Mitchell prize from the Victorian School of Management, the first member of the N.P. to do so.

In ‘82 I was chosen as the senior investigator for the South Coast area and moved to Nowra with my family. This was a life changer for the whole family. The work life balance was so totally different and was such an improvement that we never moved back.  The ten minute drive to work made life very bearable after spending two hours a day plus travelling in Sydney.  Pony club, Nippers, ballroom dancing and great schools for the girls were also big pluses.  We have lived in Cambewarra for thirty years and could not have found a better or safer place to bring up the girls. The three years I worked in Nowra were outstanding. The work was diverse and challenging, with liaising and working with local state and federal police a major part of my job.   Being able to access helicopters and willing pilots at short notice meant we were able to conduct search and seize and other operations without the long delays associated with relying on the under resourced police air wing.

Promotion in late ‘85 meant returning to Sydney with a weekly commute, as a family decision ruled out all of us moving.  This lasted for a year and not even a high rise apartment in Elizabeth Bay was sufficient inducement to stay.

After a year off I joined Social Security as an investigator and stayed with the department in various roles until I resigned three years ago. While I was occasionally tempted by more senior investigative and training roles in Canberra and Sydney, family always came first.  I did work on secondment a number of times, usually on policy work that I initiated, but never for more than a few months and I commuted each weekend. As I didn’t need the money (or the stress) and preferred to spend time with family, the decisions were always easy to make.
I am now happily retired. I have a lovely and loving wife of forty years and we have two talented, accomplished and beautiful daughters, two great sons in law and three gorgeous granddaughters. 

 Lisa is now a stay at home mum, after a career in finance and is married to Chris, who is currently the flight commander on HMAS Darwin on deployment off the Horn of Africa. They have Zara, an  extremely active and adorable one year old. Nicole is a project manager with American express, married to Anthony, an electrical engineering officer at HMAS Albatross, with two daughters , the delightfully clever five year old Sophie and Eliza, the worlds happiest one year old.  Both girls live locally, but as we don’t know for how long, we are making the most of it while we can.

We have seen most of Australia and a bit of the world.  Narrow boating in England and Wales and touring Holland topped the list. American coffee and bread the biggest disappointment. We hope to do more travel, but are concentrating on the grandkids and renovations at the moment. 

I just hope that you are all enjoying your retirement as much as we are enjoying ours and I look forward to October.
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Jeff Herdegen
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GM Married 2
Jeffory Herdegen
1. Marriage to Jill in 1972 lasted for 20 years and produced two lovely daughters, Samantha (Detective with one daughter Sophie, aged 1) and Peta (schoolteacher with 2 sons Flynn aged 3 and Neo aged 9).
Vanessa is my partner of 18 years with daughter Brooke aged 32(practising solicitor with daughter, Olivia age1).
I am self employed, Managing Director of a Public Company trading as ASI Capital.
2. My sporting interests over the years have been with playing cricket, rugby union and Polo cross which since my last Golden oldies game of rugby union 5 years ago, have now retired to armchair spectator status.
For a period I played squash, volleyball and for a fleeting moment of Devil May care a risqué bull riding career.
3. I am a past President of the Forbes club of Rotary International and have chaired a number of district 9700 committees including Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA), International Group Study Exchange and Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS).
I manage a RAWCS project in Thailand providing assistance for 140 aids orphaned children (half HIV positive) near Nong-Khai in north-eastern Thailand. They are 50% self-sufficient on their 35 acre farm and have a high dependency for medication. Donations through Rotary International are 100% tax-deductible, so if you feel inclined to donate please talk to me.
I actively lobby both levels of Government. At NSW state level I am involved with a lobby group to Government on issues associated with primary industries, resources and energy. Federally I lobby for the Finance Industry with Government and Opposition members of Federal Parliament.
4. My 94-year-old mother still lives in her own home at Sawtell and involved in her beloved community where she was recognised as a citizen of the year 2 years ago. It’s great that she still remembers visitors like Robert McPherson when she bumps into them.
5. I have had very little contact with members of our 64 class, other than to catch up with lifelong friend Barry Barnett on return trips to Sawtell and by email.
I bumped into Quentin Kotzer, who you may remember was a science teacher. At the time I was at Trangie Agriculture Research Station and Quentin was consulting in agriculture from Dubbo. I also occasionally saw Barry Foster (son of Sawtell butcher and 2 years ahead of us) who was teaching in Dubbo. I also saw Ron Gray a couple of times.
6. I’ve been fortunate to have seen most of Australia as a National Manager in a multinational company over the years but look forward to a time when I can soak up more of our great country as a tourist. Australasia, Asia and New Zealand and Pacific Islands have been the limitations of my overseas travel and I want yet to see some of Africa and South America. My travelling to Thailand has been out of interest and respect for family connections with fallen soldiers at Hellfire Pass on the Thai- Burma railway and lately in support of a Rotary International project.
7. Research: recognised internationally as an authority on the subject of control of ectoparasites in sheep and specifically on methods of chemical application. I was appointed as a scrutineer/referee for research papers presented for consideration to be published in the Australian Journal of Agricultural Research.
Some of my other research in the field of animal production included sheep reproduction (determining periods of postpartum oestrus in ewes; identification of oestrogenic clover disease in sheep in Central Western New South Wales; comparing effectiveness of hormone treated vasectomised males with entire rams for inducing oestrus in ewes; comparing spayed versus entire ewes for libido testing of rams; evaluation of novel methods of induction of oestrus in sheep.); integrated pest management programs for control of the Lucilia cuprina (sheep blow fly), and Demalinia ovis ( sheep body lice); evaluation of alternative methods to insecticide use for controlling Lucilia cuprina; assessment of sodium bentonite as a food buffer to increase efficiency of feed conversion and reducing incidence of acidosis in high grain diets for sheep, et cetera
Politics: successfully preselected for the upper house of the New South Wales Parliament but unfortunately was not a winnable position for that election. At a Federal level I missed out on being the member for Parkes in the House of Representatives, by four votes. I continue my political interests by lobbying state and Federal government in areas of primary production natural resources and energy, and finance. I have written a number of submissions on finance for government enquiries including The Financial System Inquiry, the ASIC Inquiry and The Banking Inquiry.
Sport: I was fortunate to own and play Polo cross with one of the best horses in Australia, BJ jackson/known among the Polo cross fraternity as ‘Jacko’. This horse was bred in the Hunter Valley and not only excelled as a champion by being recognised as the best horse at the National Polo cross championship carnival at Naracoorte South Australia, but he also featured in El McPherson’s movie ‘The Sirens’ (which unfortunately was a pretty ordinary movie).
8. Summary of working life.
After leaving high school with a Leaving Certificate at the ripe age of 15 years 9 months in 1964, it was not until 1966 that I was accepted into Hawkesbury Agriculture College. In my 2nd year I won a scholarship with the New South Wales Department of Agriculture and graduated with a Hawkesbury Diploma in Agriculture in 1968.
My tertiary education continued after Hawkesbury by graduating with two degrees from New England University (BA (science) and Master of Rural Science).
My working career began with 20 years in the New South Wales Department of Agriculture conducting research and advisory work in sheep production while being based at Trangie Agriculture Research Station, Shannon Vale nutrition station (Glenn Innes), Condobolin Agriculture Research Station, Cowra Agriculture Research Station. One of the more interesting positions that I held in the

Department of Agriculture was heading up a troubleshooting team diagnosing causes of reproductive failure in commercial sheep flocks in the Northern half of New South Wales.
I have continued my love of farming by owning and operating several family dryland and irrigation mixed farming properties in Central Western New South Wales as a sideline since 1986 until 2007.
In 1988 I was invited to become the New South Wales Animal Health Product Manager for Nufarm Ltd and was appointed National Animal Health Product Manager within 12 months with responsibilities for New Zealand as well as Australia and offices in Sydney and Melbourne. After a whirlwind career of almost 9 years I left Nufarm with the intention of returning to country New South Wales to start a new life and to reconnect with the rural community. At this point I was approached to stand for Federal politics and while unsuccessful in being elected, since then have remained politically active.
In 1996/97 I established my own research facility for testing chemicals for control of ectoparasites in sheep, and while this was lucrative, I had a desire to change career direction will to finance. With my new partner Vanessa, we established a mortgage origination company to assist viable farmers who at that stage were being evicted from the banks in significant numbers. This company continues to trade today as Waratah Property Finance and maintains a loan book approximating $100 million.
Out of frustration having to rely on the whims of financial institutions to determine the future of financing loans we decided to establish our own Secured Investment Company which now trades as ASI Capital (Anglesey Secured Investments Ltd). This company uses investor funds for loans against real property as 1st mortgage security. The company is currently undergoing a merger with a similar company in Victoria known as Win Securities Ltd, which will collectively manage $45 million of funds from onset. While I am currently the Managing Director of ASI Capital, I will retain a position on the Board of Directors of Win Securities and manage an arm of that business trading as ASI Capital in New South Wales.
We purchased 10 acres of bananas overlooking Korora, at Bruxner Park road, which we cleared with intentions of building a retirement home for that time when we consider retiring.
For the moment, we live in our 70 square, high Victorian, two-storey, heritage building (Anglesey house) in the CBD of Forbes, so if you’re passing by please call in.
I can't say how excited I was to receive phone calls from Jim and 'Mac'Batterham and I thank you Jim for all of your efforts in organising this reunion. It will be nice to reflect and reconnect with some older versions of people that we once knew during our formidable years.

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Jim Gallacher
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Retired Married 3
I married Judy Stamper from Lawrence on The Clarence River in January 1970 in Coffs Harbour. In 1971 moved to Newcastle where our children were all born: Michael 1973, Kristy 1975 and Trevor 1978. We have two grandchildren – Henry, son of Trevor born 2007 and Sam born 2010.
In 1968 I assisted with the formation of Coffs Harbour Basketball Association, hence commencing a passion that continues today. I have held positions of treasurer, Coffs Harbour Basketball Association, treasure of Newcastle Basketball Referees Assoc, commenced the Cold Coast Basketball Referees Assoc as president, President of Gold Coast Basketball Association, President Newcastle Junior Basketball. Along the way I also played, coached, managed teams and refereed. It was refereeing that gave me the most enjoyment and fulfilment.
Have not had a great deal of time for other society contributions, but as age has caught up, am becoming more involve in church activities, currently being the coordinator of a Family Group – that is really just organising social gatherings.
My children were actively involved in cricket, roller skating, athletics and surprisingly Basketball. Judy and I were both involved to varying degrees in all of these. However Basketball won out. Michael played for the Gold Coast, Newcastle, NSW Country and NSW and is still playing. Kristy played for Newcastle. Trevor played for Newcastle and NSW Country. He was a member of the Newcastle Under 14 Boys Team that won the Australian Club Championship in 1990. Trevor has been coaching since he was 9 years of age and coached the Newcastle Hunters in the 2013 Waratah League.
I have had very little contact with the Class of ’64, and until committing to the venture of organising the 50th Reunion had only spoken to Danny Martinez and Larry Griffin.
Judy and I have travelled sparsely – one overseas trip to Canada in 1996. I was a coach on a basketball Cultural Exchange tour to Phoenix in 1995. it is our plan to travel Australia as “grey nomads” in 2014 and beyond.
Life is too serious to be serious – however whilst in the Spokane USA, my daughter Kristy (and wife) did think it very funny when I ordered a Big Mac and chips at a drive through whilst the rain was pouring in the window. Silly girl at the other end of the microphone had no idea what I was talking about! I got very wet until Kristy could stop laughing long enough to say “Fries Dad! - Fries!”
N0 15 minutes of fame for me – sorry.
I commenced work at the Commonwealth Bank in Coffs Harbour in 1965, the Canberra 1966-67, Coffs Harbour 1967 – 1971, Adamstown and Newcastle area 1971-1981, Southport 1981-1985, Charlestown and Newcastle Area 1985 – 1994. I resigned from the position of Manager (Really just a teller) Swansea in 1994 and have had many different jobs since.
                Cash room supervisor- Newcastle Entertainment Centre
                Cleaner – Newcastle International Squash Centre
                Development Officer – Newcastle Basketball
                General Manager – Newcastle Basketball
                Unemployed – retrained in bookkeeping
                Bottle shop sales assistant
                General Manager – Maitland Federation Centre (Basketball Stadium)
                Commenced Bookkeeping business with my wife - 2002.
Formed company MJ Squared Pty Ltd in 2005 – a bookkeeping business with wife and son Michael who has now taken over the business with Judy and my retirement.
My working life is full of small achievements – nothing spectacular – but that's me!
John Rose
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Retired Married 3
Worked in Dorrigo for two years after leaving school. Received scholarship to Armidale Teachers' College and did primary training in '67 & '68. Posted to West Wyalong.  Short stints at two small schools then posted to Dorrigo PS. Married Linda in 1970 & stayed put until 1985. Transferred to Urunga PS & moved to Toormina in !986. All of teaching career was heavily involved in PE & PSSA sport. Have three children. Retired in 2003. Enjoy golfing & staying active.
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Judith Stoker (Buckley)
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Retired Married 2
Rex and I have been married 41 years, lived in Sydney until 2012 when we came back to Woolgoolga where we have enjoyed catching up with old friends.  We have two children and three grandchildren.  Our son James and his wife and 2 children live in Ireland.
On leaving school I worked the Forestry Commission of NSW (Ann Young's father was my boss) for 12 years working at Dorrigo, Coffs Harbour, Kempsey and Urunga before moving to head office in Sydney.  In 1988 I rejoined the workforce.  I was employed at St George Building Society for 3-4 weeks and stayed for 20 years. 
Husband Rex was a skin and abalone diver so this took us to many coastal places in NSW, Queensland, and Western Australia.  Have travelled overseas to Fiji and Ireland and looking forward to more travelling.
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June Homan (Flavel)
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I was 14 in 1962, when I left Coffs High at the end of 3rd year. As the fifth of 6 Homan kids from Moonee Beach, I couldn’t wait to get to Sydney to earn some money.

Once I turned 15 the Commonwealth Bank employed me, firstly at the Kings Cross branch, then when my family moved from Moonee to Brisbane, I transferred there.  Until my two sons were born, I worked at the Nundah and Redcliffe branches of the Bank.  In the 1960’s females could not become bank tellers, and had to resign from the Bank once they were married.

Since 1976 I have been working with my son Steve in our offset/digital printing business, located near the Port of Brisbane. My love of English and spelling has been an advantage in this field.

Grace Kirkwood was the Coffs High English teacher I couldn’t forget. She seemed to enjoy reading to us, and we didn’t want the bell to ring once we were in the grip of her story telling.
Jim Ryan, for Geography, was another teacher who I remember well for his anecdotes.

In the 1970s our family inherited a large block of land in the Korora Basin. The land is environmentally protected rainforest extending up to the ridge line, with a small house block at the lower boundary. My younger sister Donna and I go back to the block regularly to battle the Japanese sunflowers which infest the area, and I think we are winning.  We camp at Moonee Beach, even in winter, and have a great time. These regular visits remind us of how lovely the North Coast is.

For relaxation I prefer being outdoors, away from concrete and the built environment.  Most Saturdays I am out bushwalking around SE Qld.

June Homan
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Karl McPhee
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Went to Armidale UNE on a Teacher's Scholarship straight after high school. Sort of studied philosophy, psychology and English and got a BA Dip Ed. Although when I look back on it now my brain was asleep during school and university. But I stumbled about, developing an interest in Theatre, Film, Photography and unusual events and people. So after a year as a Teacher at Vaucluse Boys High School, found myself selected as a Trainee Producer in the ABC Education Unit.
From the moment I started in the ABC making Television and Radio, I can honestly say that I don't feel as if I've worked a day in my life. I love making film and television with a consuming passion.
What followed was 18 years of working in the ABC and subsequently at Film Australia as a writer director, and having a great time making up ideas for films and then going ahead and making them. As long as you won an award for your films at some film festival or another around the world, they kept you on as a "paid poet", so to speak. And I won awards at every obscure film festival you could think of….
Finally the government decided that Film Australia should put all film makers on limited contracts. I saw that writing on the wall and decided to work part time as a lecturer at UTS and Macquarie University in Film Making while I set about building the business somewhat unimaginatively called "McPhee Productions".
What has followed has been another romp. McPhee Productions fortunately won a Gold Mobie in the first year of its existence with a film I made about the Community Justice Centres. After that, I won pitches for government department jobs, and many private organisations. I've made films or videos for Yothu Yindi, The Heritage Commission, The Judicial Commission of NSW, The Prostitutes Collective, TNT, Cathay Pacific, and many more. Touch wood.
Over the past two years I've slowed the business down a bit, whilst I had a double hip replacement, and had various trips with my wife Djuka to the South of France, Italy, and New York. Tempted to buy an apartment in New York. As someone like Oscar Wilde might have said: "you can say anything about New York and its true!"
On the personal front, after playing around for some years finally met the woman of my life, Djuka. With Djuka came a little family from her previous marriage – a boy and a girl, and so life changed quite dramatically for me. Later came our mutual daughter, Milla, who is of course the apple of Daddy's eye. Fortunately she has her mother's looks and her mother's brains, and has just achieved First Class Honours at Sydney University in Behavioural Economics. To celebrate I went with her to New York for a month just to introduce her to all the wonders of the city. A Father – Daughter holiday. She now shares my passions for the wilds of Manhattan.
Other things: Well, I'm the President of the Sydney Food Adventurers Club. We go to new and interesting restaurants each month and invite the chef to provide us with a degustation of his/her own choosing. We find little known restaurants in the burbs where the owners are proud and passionate about food.
I'm also the Convenor of the Annual Legal Eagle's Mudgee Motorcycle and Car Rally, a wonderful event which features a Kangaroo Court on the Saturday night each year where everybody is found guilty of something terrible, whether they did it or not! I'm passionate about my motorbike, a Ducati Diavel.
I'm also a convenor of another group called the Bad Boys Lunch Club. We get together and tell lies to each other once a month. A great group of guys.
Also I'm vice president of the Sydney Business Executive Lions Club. My Dad who I finally got to know after I left home in Coffs resided in Brisbane. Was very wealthy, and devoted himself to Lions. He was very generous to me in his will, and so I decided to follow his work and have become involved with this new kind of Lions Club. We only meet once in two months over lunch with a VIP speaker, and only have one fund raising event a year. Designed to suit the busy lifestyle of an Executive. Its working well.
As is clear I think from above, I love people and love putting them together for mutual fun.
Well, that's about it I think. Looking forward to re acquainting with some of the vivid people in my past at Coffs Harbour.
Karl McPhee
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Kay Wheatley (Dean)
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Retired Married 2
Hi Everyone,
I set off eagerly for Armidale in 1965 where I spent 2 carefree years at Teachers’ College. In 1967 I was appointed to Miranda North P.S. – Kinder: 45 of them! After 3 years I moved on to Lane Cove and then Kellyville teaching all grades from K to Y6.
Decided I needed a break after 8 years of teaching, so took the obligatory tour of Europe which I thoroughly enjoyed.
In 1977 I married my beloved Ian. He had grown up in Grafton, moved to Sydney to work and was employed at News Ltd. by the infamous Rupert Murdoch, in Surry Hills. Our handsome son, Adrian was born the following year.
Adrian now works for Foreign Affairs and Trade in Canberra in the IT department.
Our beautiful daughter, Kristy was born in 1980. She is now a school counsellor based at Bexley and covers several nearby schools. She has a passion for scuba-diving and is a qualified instructor. Diving has taken her all over the world.
I returned to full-time teaching in 1984 and spent many years working with disadvantaged children in the western suburbs. Quite an experience!
In 1990 I was appointed to Sans Souci P.S. in the St George district of Southern Sydney where I spent the next 20 years. We also lived in Sans Souci until 2010.
Holidays, when our kids were young, were mostly spent driving up and down the highway to Coffs and Grafton to see the Grandmas and Aunties and Uncles. What a different highway now! In later years we had a few little adventures, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Tassie and Cairns, being some of them.
 After retiring from work we decided to leave the rat race of Sydney and return to Coffs to be nearer my sisters, Ian’s Mum and his brothers and sister in Grafton.
Looking back over the years we have had many highs, a few lows but have enjoyed the journey.
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Ken (Mac) Batterham
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Anglican Priest Married 4
The last 50 years have been an amazing adventure. But where has that time gone? The older we get, the faster time flies.
In 1965 I took what would now be called a gap year. Back then it didn’t have a name, apart from procrastination, about what to do with my life. I worked for that year in the Commercial Bank of Australia (now part of NAB) in Taree, Gunnedah and finally for a few weeks in Coffs Harbour. It was a good year apart from the bank. That wasn’t what I was meant to be doing.
In 1966 I went to UNE, Armidale. I fell in to studying the newly-emerging social science, Sociology, and didn’t look back.
At the beginning of 1967, I attended the National Conference of the Student Christian Movement here in Canberra and met Elizabeth on the last day of the Conference during a game of cricket! We were married at St John’s, Canberra, in May 1969 and have lived here since. We have four children Alison (1971), Tamara (1973) and Phil and John (1975). We have four fantastic grandchildren aged from 10 to three. Having lived in far flung places, at the moment all of the family lives in Canberra which is wonderful for us.
I joined the Commonwealth Public Service in 1969. I worked for 25 years in a number of departments on what would later become known as social policy.  For the most part, I had a really great career and in 1982 I was successful in gaining a place on the Public Service Interchange Program. This allowed me to work for nine months in the UK Department of Health and Social Services in London. This was a life-changing experience for all of us. For me, I discovered the Church of England Worker Priest Movement and realized that that was what I was supposed to be doing.
On our return to Australia, Elizabeth returned to teaching after a long break while the children were young and I began six years’ study towards a post graduate degree in Divinity part-time while working full-time. I completed the degree in 1988 and was Ordained Deacon at the end of 1989 and Priest in at the beginning of 1992. I was an honorary assistant in a couple of parishes in Canberra while working full-time.
In the middle of 1994 I left the Public Service with no regrets. I was then appointed as the Rector of Tarcutta, the smallest Parish in NSW. This was a part-time position and while Elizabeth continued to teach in Canberra, I commuted to the parish for three days each week. It was not an easy life but I learnt so much about country people in the three years and grew the Parish community to 10 percent of the population which wasn’t bad under the circumstances. They were good people and it was a great adventure. However, after 3 good years and 128,000 km it was time to be at home full time.
During my time in Tarcutta, I was recruited to be a Chaplain in the RAN Reserve looking after the Canberra region. I worked for 2 days a week though sometimes it felt like 8, looking after the well-being of the mostly young Navy people and their families. It was great work and I enjoyed it very much most of the time. I got to do things that I would never have expected. But it was also incredibly challenging sharing the journey with people in very difficult circumstances. I retired from the Navy in 2005 after ten years’ service. I think that that was my third retirement.
In 2006 I joined the staff of St John’s, Canberra, as an honorary assistant priest. In early 2008 I set up the Grumpy Old Men. It is a little bit like a Men’s Shed only we don’t do ‘stuff’, we talk and drink coffee instead. Every Tuesday morning between 10 and 15 blokes (there are 50 on my contacts list) sit in a café and solve the problems of the world. It is a highly successful, noisy, unchurchy, innovative program that has begun to deal with the complex problems of older blokes. I don’t look like retiring from that soon, but it largely runs by itself these days.
We continue to live full, adventurous and contented lives though it has not been plain- sailing by any means, but that is another story. If ever you are down this way, please get in touch. There will always be a cuppa and a warm welcome waiting.
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Larry Griffin
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retired Married 3
Inspired by other profilers here we go.

I arrived at CHHS midway through 1st year as the non related Griffin. Walked into a classroom of country hicks. Soon became one when we moved to a banana plantation at Korora overlooking the Nautilus Resort. The Woopi bus was a bit wild.

I rate my CHHS experience as fair although academically it was my peak.
1965 went to Sydney studying surveying at UNSW for 5 long years. Not all wasted tho. Won a couple of rugby league premierships with Marrickville CYO which we didn't at school. Most importantly met my wife Mary Humphreys.

1970 secured good safe public service job with the ' explorers dept' [Lands ] in enemy territory, Grafton Clarence Valley.

1971 Married & moved into a settlers cottage in the upriver village of Copmanhurst.1st child arrived-- Dan, now married & manages the Yamba Community Centre.
2nd one Katie Becker lives in  Yamba & is a radiographer at Grafton hospital.
Ben is married ,lives in Newcastle, an architect employed by Maitland Council. Thank god one of the family got formal qualifications in building which we had informally been engaged in for 2 generations.

Can't believe how lucky 'sparra' has been, must be the little woman's doing.Speaking of whom is a nurse, director of care services at a nursing home.

 In my time at Grafton lands surveyed most of the coastal crown reserves from Tweed to Nambucca, tough gig !Took redundancy 1993 built& ran a B&B in Grafton & grew fresh culinary herbs on the side.

2008 floated further down the mighty Clarence to Yamba where we had built our retirement home, Had taken 43 years to get back to the beach. Lovin' it!

Travelled to Ayres Rock & Tassie when the kids were kids.Went Switzerland for Dan's wedding and to Mexico for a nephews wedding.

Am involved in the Yamba Community garden & a singing group [not quite a choir]Enjoy bodysurfing & driving a Mini MOke.

Younger brother Steve [Sam] lives at Sandy Beach , teaches at Woolgoolga High School.
Have 5 grandsons ,1 grand daughter.

I've had a good run since CHHS. Sounds like..  we've had similar but different lives.

Think it will be good to catch up, hope nobody want's to bop me for old times sake!!

Regards Larry J

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