Bring your walking shoes - or not.
Bring your walking shoes - or not.
Class of 64 and Friends from Along The Way
Who May Be Coming
29th October to 1st November 2020.

NRMA Breakwall Caravan Park or nearby motel.
We are gradually adding names here. It is early days yet and some of those below are "maybe"s. Please go to the RSVP page to give us your comments or your plans for this reunion. Any suggestions you have are welcome as we try to plan an occasion which will suit you.

Guest RSVP'd
Ann Young (Jeffery)
Barbara Short (Wear)
Bill Jupp
Carolyn Tinkler (Johnston)
Colin Gill
Daniel Martinez
David Bullock
Dawn Eckford (Bullock)
Eric Robb
James Holmes
Jeff Herdegen
Jim Gallacher
June Homan (Flavel)
Les Lambert
Lorraine Crabtree (Connor)
Lyndall Ashdown (Jones)
Margaret Gill
Meg McPherson
Peter Russell
Robert McPherson
Ruth Cheers (Jupp)
Sue Whitney (Robb)
Total 22